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Matt + Katie | Woodsy Engagement

These two are the definition of rad. They met in college and were best friends before they started dating. That tells you right there how much they enjoy each other’s company, and their engagement session was a perfect example of that. So many smiles and natural laughs and genuine joy.

When I first met with them for coffee, Matt had one request: “just don’t have me roll up my jeans and do the whole feet in water thing.” Leave it to Pinterest to scare guys off from romantic strolls on the beach, amiright ladies? I agreed (and scored big points). Fast-forward to the day of their shoot, and after frolicking in the woods for awhile, we stumbled upon a creek bed that is normally dry, but because it had rained the day before was full. They walked around it for awhile and then Katie and I looked at each other and smiled. After a little convincing and promising the photos would be worth it, Matt rolled up those jeans like a champ, and only saying “my ONE request!” a few times. And you know what? Those creek photos are some of my favorite ones to date. Not because of fancy sun flares or perfect composition, but because it was an impromptu experience. One where Matt was willing to step out of his comfort zone. Cold water and slippery rocks and a surprise encounter with a local horse, and they smiled and laughed their whole way through it.

My clients rule. The end.


  • January 25, 2016 - 1:14 am

    Michaella Peartree - would you mind letting me know where these photos were taken? thanks!!ReplyCancel

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