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Brennan + Alana | Rancho Valencia Wedding

I truly cannot say enough wonderful things about this couple! After frolicking around Del Mar for their fun engagement shoot, sharing a meal at their venue walk through (where we chatted about how to keep indoor fig trees alive, their strong puppy fever, yoga and Iron Man goals, and gawked over the adorable baby gifts they gave me – I was 7 months pregnant!) I knew these guys were my people. Brennan and Alana are the couple you just want to be around. Doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’re having fun. And their wedding day reflected just that. So excited to be back on the blogging train again, and happy that this special day is kicking it off!

The Venue Report did a feature on their wedding yesterday, so I thought it was fitting to include their “How They Met” story, in Alana’s words. So sweet. Read more below!

“We met in a class our sophomore year of college. I’d had my eye on Brennan all quarter. He was the guy that showed up in a vintage orange plaid blazer and vans when the class had to wear business casual for a presentation; I instantly knew he was the kind of person I needed in my life (his style has progressed a bit since then, but he definitely still keeps things playful!) Our professor serendipitously paired us up in a group for our final project- little did she know she’d be making a love match. Fast forward 7 years later, we were strolling around Encinitas on a Sunday morning, iced coffees in hand. We got to the overlook at Moonlight Beach and gazed out at the ocean; before I knew it Brennan was down on one knee asking if I would marry him (I was so surprised!) It was sweet, simple and so heartfelt.”


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